Dirac Panorama Sound uses patented sound field control algorithms to digitally co-optimize two or more speaker drivers for a sensationally wide soundstage with improved impulse and frequency response characteristics. The result is exceptional sound quality and a soundstage so immersive that it seems like magic.


Panorama sound extends well beyond the physical loudspeakers


Experiencing your favorite music or movies is less enjoyable when small speakers leave the audio sounding monaural and strained. Dirac Panorama Sound brings depth to a small speaker setup by extending the sound beyond the speakers to create an extra wide soundstage that you would normally only expect from a surround sound setup. Not only is the sound more immersive with Dirac Panorama sound, you’ll also enjoy louder, clearer sound with richer detail and more powerful bass. 




A finely tuned orchestra


Dirac Panorama Sound’s core technologies build on the same Dirac solutions used today in professional cinemas and HiFi devices, such as advanced multiple-input and multiple-output sound field synthesis, impulse response correction and phase correction. Using some of the world’s most advanced algorithms, Dirac Panorama Sound enables multiple 

speakers to intelligently coordinate with each other like a finely tuned orchestra, creating optimized sound performance and a wide soundstage.
Dirac Panorama Sound’s audio optimization is based on scientific measurement and systematic engineering. Each speaker setup is measured and modelled with surgical precision in order to create a tailored solution.


Tailor-made for any particular speaker setup

  • Great results even with different speaker sizes
  • Flexible speaker positions
  • Works with any number of speakers (>1)