The best kinds of listening experiences are the kinds that put you in the middle of the action. Dirac Panorama Sound® empowers your mobile device to do just that by utilizing multiple small speakers to create a pristine, fully immersive sound wherever you are.


It was almost jaw-dropping to hear this panoramic sound coming from such a small speaker. It gave the audio more depth and more feeling to it and made it feel as if the sound fully engulfed me.

– Arvin Santiago
Nerd Reactor

Enjoy the experience of full panoramic sound

When we listen to music or watch movies on loudspeakers, we want our speakers to reproduce a listening experience that is as rich and dynamic as if we were listening live.
All too often, however, the sound reproduction from small speakers makes

everything sound as if it’s been crammed into a box. Dirac Panorama Sound® brings your favourite concerts or movies “out of the box” and delivers fully immersive sound wherever you are, effectively transforming your mobile device into a pocket cinema.


Take mobile sound quality far beyond your expectations


You don’t have to be an audiophile to know that sound quality on mobile devices isn’t up to par. Dirac’s patented audio technologies utilize some of the world’s most advanced algorithms to help sound systems to overcome their inherent physical limitations to perform far beyond 

what was previously thought possible.
Our innovative sound optimization solutions enable audio systems to reproduce a deeper, more defined and powerful bass while improving the overall sonic clarity and richness. The result is a pristine, natural listening experience, even at higher volumes where the sound would normally become distorted. 


Built on some of the world’s most advanced audio technologies


Dirac Panorama Sound® builds upon patented Dirac technologies found in luxury cars and HiFi devices, such as advanced multiple-input and multiple-output sound field synthesis/control and impulse response correction. Utilizing some of the world’s most advanced 

algorithms, multiple speakers coordinate with each other like a finely-tuned orchestra, rather than interfere with each other. Based on scientific measurement and systematic engineering, Dirac Panorama Sound® measures and models audio systems with surgical precision to deliver pristine quality immersive sound. 


For manufacturers

Astonishing sound experience, more flexibility and less time



More freedom

  • Supports any number of speakers (>1)

  • Ideal for small portable speakers or speaker arrays

  • Supports speakers of unequal sizes

  • Flexible speaker positions

  • Wide and immersive soundstage

More efficient

  • Effective and efficient tuning

  • Unleashes the full potential of small stereo devices

  • Supports major mobile platforms and Bluetooth chipsets

  • Support integration across OpenDSP, Android Framework and Java layer

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