Small speakers often suffer from low volume, weak bass and an unnatural sound that together make for a sub-par listening experience. Dirac Power Sound combines numerous sound optimization technologies to turn this convention on its head and make your small speakers sound louder and even better than their larger, 
more expensive counterparts.


Improved sound quality, bass and volume


Dirac Power Sound™ has been specially developed to optimize the audio performance of small speakers and correct their acoustic shortcomings, such as overall sound quality, bass and volume. The solution maximizes the potential of small speakers to reproduce the best sound quality possible and the loudest sound possible with minimum distortion.


Advanced algorithms


True frequency response and impulse response correction enhance the acoustic behaviors of small speakers, resulting in fundamental improvements in clarity, sound staging, bass response and detail. These work in concert with dynamic and non-linear techniques, which combine to create louder sound while preserving fidelity. Finally, bass reinforcement technologies leverage more powerful, deeper bass even when the speaker cabinet volume is very small.


Tailored optimization with a holistic approach


A complete audio system is more than just a speaker. Rather, it comprises a wide selection of components, including speakers, speaker boxes, amplifiers, digital processing and more. With this understanding as our starting point, we work closely with speaker designers from the very beginning in order to achieve the
best optimization result possible for their  

audio system. Together, we define a complete audio system and identify the drawbacks of the system in early stages, which not only allows us  to bring out the best from the system, but also leaves speaker designers greater freedom to decide the box size, driver placement, components and sound character.