When it comes to sound quality, mobile devices face a dilemma: better quality usually requires larger speakers, but mobile design trends towards smaller, not larger devices. The result has been small devices that, while sleek, deliver low output levels, weak bass and an unnatural and unpleasant overall sound. Dirac Power Sound™ turns this all around with innovative digital technology that empowers small speakers to outperform even much larger ones.



Small speakers can sound better than you ever imagined


Dirac Power Sound™ delivers full-sized audio playback from even the tiniest of speakers. No matter what kind of music you love listening to, you’ll enjoy a clearer sound and more defined bass that’s loud enough to keep you rocking in any environment.

  • Clearer, more natural sound with richer details
  • Tighter, more powerful bass
  • Loud, clear playback while retaining a natural timbre
  • Improvements to overall sound quality

Address the root cause of an imperfect small speaker


The traditional approach to solving poor mobile audio quality has been through sound effects. But this band-aid solution doesn’t address the root of the problem: the innate imperfections of the speaker itself. The Dirac approach cuts straight to the root of the problem and eliminates the need for sound effects by addressing these imperfections and unleashing small

speakers’ full potential. 
Dirac Power Sound™ works by using the same key technologies that Dirac has used in the premium automobile and HiFi markets for years – such as frequency and impulse response correction and bass optimization – in order to empower small transducers to reproduce the best sound quality possible at the highest volume with astonishing detail and clarity.

Dirac Panorama Sound for multiple small speakers

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