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Dirac announces availability of Dirac Live Bass Control for select Denon and Marantz receivers and preamplifiers

December 14, 2023

Part of the Dirac Live family of award-winning room acoustics software, Dirac Live Bass Control brings exceptional low-frequency control for single and multi-subwoofer home theater setups.

UPPSALA, Sweden, November 15, 2023 — Swedish digital audio pioneer Dirac today announced that Dirac Live Bass Control will be available in several existing and upcoming AV receivers and preamplifiers from Denon and Marantz. The announcement offers customers consistent, accurate bass performance at a range of price points.

In total, eight mid-range and high-end Denon and Marantz units will be able to run Dirac Live Bass Control following an over-the-air software update that will allow customers to purchase a license to activate Dirac Live Bass Control on their selected unit. 

Powered by machine learning and AI, Dirac Live Bass Control intelligently co-optimizes a system’s subwoofers and speakers to deliver consistently excellent bass, regardless of the listener’s location or room environment. The software aggregates measurement and location data from each subwoofer to determine how a system’s bass is distributed throughout the room. It then identifies gaps in the sound waves and distributes bass evenly across the listening area. 

The integration of Dirac Live Bass Control follows Dirac Live Room Correction’s March 2023 availability on several Denon and Marantz units. According to Rikard Hellerfelt, Dirac’s VP of Consumer & E-commerce, this expansion is a testament to Dirac’s desire to continue pushing the boundaries of home theater audio. 

“The integration of Dirac Live Room Correction into Denon and Marantz units was a significant step forward in both deepening Dirac’s market penetration and elevating product performance for each brand’s large and loyal customer base,” stated Hellerfelt. “Now, we’re going even further by making high-quality bass accessible to everyone from professional integrators and audiophiles to the broader consumer market. This is an important moment for our teams and the industry as a whole.” 

Dirac Live Bass Control not only ensures time-alignment among all speakers, but it also adjusts phase at low frequencies to ensure that bass is optimized for all seating positions and the entire spectrum of audio is accurately reproduced. This processing enables the subwoofers to be positioned anywhere in the room – wherever most aesthetically pleasing – without sacrificing performance for design, or vice versa.

Delivering smooth and evenly distributed bass, an almost impossible challenge to accomplish through manual tuning, Dirac Live Bass Control brings with it key benefits, including: smoother low-frequency transition at the crossover point between subwoofers and speakers; consistent low-frequency response throughout the listening area; bass management on multiple subwoofers; flexible subwoofer placement. 

Dirac Live Bass Control is part of the award-winning Dirac Live family of audio processing software, which also includes Dirac Live Room Correction and Dirac Live Active Room Treatment. Each solution compliments the other to dramatically improve sound performance in any listening area. 

Denon’s Dirac Ready units include the Denon AVR/AVC-A1H, AVR/AVC-X3800H, Denon AVR/AVC-X4800H and Denon AVR/AVC-X6800H. 

Marantz’s Dirac Ready units include the Marantz AV 10, Marantz CINEMA 40, and Marantz CINEMA 50.

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Click here to activate a Dirac license on a Denon unit. 

Click here to activate a Dirac license on a Marantz unit. 

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About Dirac:

Dirac develops digital software solutions that create a significantly improved sound experience for all types of sound systems. Our customers include enterprises, such as sound system manufacturers and streaming services, as well as consumers. Dirac is a global company with headquarters in Uppsala, Sweden and R&D facilities in Copenhagen, Denmark and Bangalore, India, with representation in Greater China, Germany, Japan, Korea, and the USA.

About Denon:

Denon, a leading manufacturer of premium audio equipment, is dedicated to delivering the ultimate listening experience to music lovers worldwide. Since 1910, Denon has been at the forefront of technological advancements in audio engineering, setting the standard for high-quality sound systems that are built to last and cater to the diverse needs of music enthusiasts, from audiophiles to casual listeners. For more information, visit Denon.com.  

About Marantz 

Marantz was founded in 1953 by Saul Marantz with a simple philosophy: getting the listener as close as possible to the original recording. Marantz’s love of music inspired an uncompromising ear and eye for detail and led to the development of products that would define excellence for generations of listeners. Tantamount to Saul Marantz’s original mission, Marantz product design, materials and components result in the Most Musical Sound to this day. Your music always sounds better on a Marantz. 

Marantz is currently honoring its 70th anniversary with a global celebration that pays tribute to the brand’s roots in New York and brings its legacy of premier craftsmanship to life. Additional information is available at www.marantz.com