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Review of NAD M10 V2

April 12, 2022

NAD, the manufacturer of high-quality amplifiers, offers a number of products that either include, or can be used, with Dirac Live. NAD’s streaming amplifier M10 V2 comes with Dirac Room Correction Limited Bandwidth installed, which gives you the ability to address the most common acoustic problems your listening room might have, such as muddy or booming bass.

The online publication SoundStage!Simplifi has published an in-depth review of the M10 V2 amplifier, where they dive into all of its specifications and features. The reviewer highlights the built-in Dirac Live Room Correction feature as one of the best features of the M10 V2 and describes the feature as ideal for correcting the most problematic room acoustic issues, such as bass modes. Furthermore, the reviewer emphasizes the flexibility of the Dirac function.

“The great thing about the implementation of Dirac Live on the M10 V2 is that you can load up to five correction curves on the system and toggle between them.”

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