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Reviews of Monolith M1000ANC

April 7, 2022

Monoprice’s latest ANC headphones Monolith M1000ANC, powered by Dirac Virtuo, have received a great number of positive reviews from all corners of the world. Below you can read a selection of all the positive reactions!

Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews, an independent review site that includes many of the most experienced technology specialists in the UK, states the following:

Dirac Virtuo offers a more immersive and natural-sounding listening experience by expanding the soundstage beyond what a standard pair of headphones can offer.

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TechPowerUp, a leading technology publication, praises the Monolith M1000ANC in its review and highlights in particular the collaboration between Dirac and Monoprice.

The reviewer describes the headphones as “premium through and through” and really makes room to describe the Dirac Virtuo experience.

Dirac Virtuo enhances the listening experience by expanding the sound stage far beyond the physical limitations of the headphones, allowing listeners to hear their music in a more immersive, natural sounding way.

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Digital Trends

The largest independent premium technology publisher in the world, Digital Trends mentions the headphones’ solid battery life and their fold-up design, which makes them ideal for traveling.

But the reviewer also highlights Dirac and describes the function’s presence as “giving these cans a bit of extra firepower”.

I had the chance to try Dirac Virtuo recently on the Studio E2 wireless earbuds. If the implementation of Virtuo is as good on the M1000ANC as it is on the E2, it should make for a very fun and immersive alternative to the sound from these headphones.”

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