Dirac Live® rebooted with a fresh new look


With Dirac Room Calibration™, you can easily correct your listening room and speakers with your smartphone or tablet. This newly developed room correction technology is perfect for any kind of lifestyle audio products such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers. Tailored for Android and iOS devices, Dirac Room Calibration™ features an intuitive user interface and high-level room correction capability. 



With Dirac Room Calibration
you will experience:

  • Improved clarity

  • Tighter and more powerful bass

  • More natural and transparent sound

  • Easy-to-use design

  • Tailored for Android and iOS devices

  • Only available for audio manufacturers and OEMs


Why do your listening room and speakers need correction?


The listening room is a key component of the audio system and it is also one of the largest problems in any Hi-Fi sound system. The walls, windows, floors and furniture in a room reflect the sound from your speakers and add unwanted coloration or distortion. However, very few people build or design their rooms completely for optimal acoustic properties.

Your speakers may need optimization as well. Loudspeakers are by nature imperfect mechanical systems. Regardless of price or quality, there will always be a degree to which the physical properties of the device impacts performance.



Improve the sound quality with just a few clicks


Dirac Room Calibration reduces sound quality loss due to the listening room and improves the audio performance of your speakers, thereby providing powerful sound quality improvement. You will experience improved clarity, tighter bass and a more natural sound. This sophisticated algorithm brings out the full potential of any type of audio equipment such as AVRs, media servers, soundbars and wireless/Bluetooth speakers.


Intuitive user interface


Tailored for Android and iOS platforms, the advanced algorithms are seamlessly integrated with user-friendly design for mobile device users. Using an external microphone or the built-in microphone of a mobile device to analyze the loudspeakers and the room acoustics, it is easy for anyone to use, from casual users to experienced audio designers. The built-in visual instructions will walk you through the entire process, from measuring speakers and analyzing the result, to creating and applying your custom-made correction filter for your loudspeakers. Switch it on and off to hear the difference Dirac Room Calibration makes!


Only available for audio manufacturers and OEMs


Dirac Room Calibration will soon be available through selected manufacturers and products.. The software will also be available with a flexible number of channels and sampling rates. Contact us to deliver this solution to your customers and to provide them with an unforgettable listening experience from their audio systems.