The best thing about the cinematic sound experience is the feeling of total immersion. By replicating the acoustic properties of a high-end cinema, Dirac Sensaround® brings you an immersive cinematic sound experience on the go without requiring
specially coded audio content. 



Dirac Sensaround® creates a vast, clear and realistically immersive soundstage free from the constraints of the space in your ear, much like a multi-speaker home theater system. Dirac Sensaround® technology was inspired by Dirac Dimensions™, an advanced sound field control technology used by leading manufacturers in the high-end automotive market.


  • Based on measured room acoustics
  • Creates a natural sonic presentation 
  • Externalizes sound “outside of your head”
  • Spatial soundstage and precise repositioning
  • Less listening fatigue
  • No need for specifically coded audio content


Immersive sound from
any headphones


Music is usually mixed with loudspeakers in mind, not headphones. As a result, headphone listening is often plagued by a distorted soundstage—instruments and voices may seem incorrectly placed and trapped inside your head, causing  an unnatural listening experience that can result in listener fatigue.

Dirac Sensaround® takes a different approach. By carefully measuring and modeling the actual sound field of a high-end cinema, Dirac Sensaround® replicates the acoustic properties of the cinema to reproduce the cinematic soundstage on a pair of ordinary earphones. Listeners can enjoy their favorite media in a way that seems to spread instruments, voices and objects out into space, enveloping the listener exactly as the artist intended.


Replication instead
of simulation


At Dirac, we study the way sound moves and is reflected by the environment as well as how human ears perceive sound in space in order to innovate beyond the limitations of conventional surround sound effects. 

By carefully measuring and modeling a preferred listening space, Dirac Sensaround® actually reproduces the soundstage of that space by replicating its acoustic properties within the headphones themselves.


Dirac puts you in the
centre of the experience


 Dirac Sensaround® brings you cinematic experience wherever you are.  

No fuzzy sound, fake spatial effects or poorly placed sound objects. Just transparent and natural sound that envelops you like you were in a well-tuned cinema.

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