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Why Active Room Treatment?

• Calibrate your speakers as a unified system, using your speakers to control your room – not the other way around.
• Cancel out lingering bass to reduce room decay time and eliminate bass smearing.
• Optimize sound performance across a wider area for a larger, more uniform, “sweet spot”.
• Eliminates the need for bulky and expensive in-room acoustic treatment.

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Active Room Treatment calibrates your speakers as a unified system and uses each speaker’s strengths to reduce room decay time, efficiently canceling out lingering bass and leading to unmatched clarity.

All StormAudio devices supports Active Room Treatment. Devices purchased after January 1st 2023 has the license included free of charge.

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  • I spent two hours listening to my music collection in iTunes. I just sat and listened because it was like listening to all my favourite music over again for the first time.

    Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce about Dirac Live ‘Riffs, Beards & Gear’, YouTube channel
  • It took on a far more balanced sound and tone that made it easier to pick out subtlety of individual elements, even in a really busy mix with a lot going on. It was also a richness and fullness to the sound that was just not there before.

    Brad Pipkins about Dirac Live Popular YouTube producer and founder of the Home Theater Gamer
  • No matter what type of room you have, they’ve got a setup that is tailored for that room.

    Techno Dad about Dirac Live Well-known youtuber and HiFi influencer
  • Dirac Live software is as easy to use as any room correction software. Only the results you get after running Dirac are more superior.

    Andrew Robinson about Dirac Live The journalist & reviewer covering audio, home theater, tech, and design