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Techno Dad on Dirac Live Room Correction

July 6, 2022

Techno Dad, the well-known Youtuber who covers gaming and Home Theater audio, stated in one of his previous videos that Dirac is the best room correction on the market! In his latest video review of the Pioneer VSX-LX505, Techno Dad highlights how well Dirac Live performs compared to other room correction solutions that are included in AVRs.

“It’s a great value proposition here just in having Dirac Live room correction at 1500 $. I’m not sure what Dirac is doing with their room correction to make it so good, but I do know that it sounds great upstairs, and my upstairs is a really wonky shaped room and here in the studio it sounds great as well. No matter what type of room you have, they’ve got a setup that is tailored for that room.”