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Techno Dad’s gaming cave

June 23, 2022

Need inspo on setting up your gaming room? Get valuable tips & tricks from the youtuber Techno Dad! He provides his followers with unboxing and setup videos to help you get your 4K Home Theater up and running at light speed.

In the video below, Techno Dad shows his gaming room with 11 speakers and subwoofers – creating a Dolby Atmos room with a sound experience beyond the ordinary. In his gaming cave, he uses the Pioneer VSX-LX505 and Dirac Live room correction. Techno Dad highlights the importance of good room correction software, and claims that it’s crucial.

Now the Pioneer is doing a great job as a processor and it’s mainly thanks to the Dirac Live room correction. If you’ve been with a channel for a while, you should know that the biggest factor in having a great sounding home theater experience is based on how good your room correction is, and hands down the best automatic room correction has got to be Dirac Live.

See the full video above.