A huge number of smartphones have been optimized by our digital sound technologies. Harman partnered with us to give some of the world’s best premium car audio systems a facelift. More and more home audio market leaders are acknowledging that, ”Dirac is better than everything else out there.”

This year at CES 2017 we showcased several technologies, if you missed the opportunity to come, read about them here and contact us to know more.





At CES 2017 we introduced the world to our new Dynamic 3D Audio solution, with the first AR/VR platform utilizing dynamic HRTF technology. Using patent-pending Dynamic HRTFs, Dirac VR elevates VR/AR audio to a new level of realism that’s so transcendent, you’ll forget you’re wearing a headset. Read more!


Our new wireless solution, Dirac Room Calibration ™, is for everyone who appreciates good sound quality, even if they might not feel like spending much time, money or effort on getting the best results. For these customers, we have developed a more lightweight and easy to use room correction system that runs on a mobile phone or tablet. This solution is ready to go via our collaboration with Analog Devices—Oppo Digital is already using the technology in their new line of Oppo Sonica wireless speakers! Read more!

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Due to size constraints, small speakers have always failed to deliver big, immersive sound, and take full advantage of stereo recordings. Dirac Panorama Sound® breaks through these traditional boundaries, delivering immersive sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard from your smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, sound bars, game consoles, and TVs. At CES 2017, we showcased Dirac Panorama Sound technology for portable speakers and smartphones with asymmetric speaker configuration. Read more!

Dirac Panorama Sound

Dirac Connect™ is a newly developed platform that hosts Dirac audio solutions for different devices. With access to Dirac Connect, you can purchase and download Dirac filters customized for various devices to achieve improved sound quality from your headphones or speakers with just a few clicks. The platform is available for smartphone manufacturers free of charge. At CES 2017, we showcased Dirac Connect and demonstrated how to download Dirac HD Sound filters that are individually tuned to enhance the sound quality of a broad selection of branded headphones.

Dirac Power Sound

Dirac Power Sound® utilizes several different technologies that work together to dramatically enhance the audio performance of small speakers. By addressing the fundamental limitations of small speakers, Dirac Power Sound brings out their full potential, resulting in louder, higher-quality sound which rivals that of even much larger speakers. Recently, the solution has been upgraded to an even higher performance level. At CES 2017 we showed how the technology empowers small speakers—helping David beat Goliath! Read more!


Have you heard of Dirac Live, but hesitate to try it in your system since you’re afraid it might be too cumbersome?  Together with Stream Unlimited, we’ll showcase a solution that allows you to bring Dirac Live and streaming enabled solutions to the market in record time. Leveraging our combined experience in audio hardware and software, you can now get the world’s best performing room correction solution in your AVR, Preamplifier, media player or other audio equipment— straight off the shelf! Read more!


Learn about a modern approach to getting a good tuning out of your speakers using Dirac HD Sound®. No speaker is perfect. By leveraging full time domain correction of a speaker’s characteristics, it is now possible to build speakers in new form factors, saving significantly on your BOM or both. Dirac HD Sound technology can be implemented in commonly used DSPs, or it can be provided as a complete turnkey solution through the use of a low cost ASIC. Read more!

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