Testimonials about Dirac Live room correction

"Our customers expect the ultimate in every experience and Dirac provides the ultimate within digital signal processing."

Mike Hanks, Senior Engineer at Bentley Motors


"We all sat down and listened to Dirac Live. It's remarkable how much of difference it makes for some mixes and is really revealing about the room the material was actually mixed in. No other room correction system that we have tried really touches the precision we are hearing with Dirac.“

Zoran Fejzo, Head of R&D, DTS
Fred Maher, Mastering and Mixing Specialist, DTS
Bob DeMaa, Audio Testing & Mixing/Mastering Specialist, DTS


"You may be wondering about my enthusiasm at the beginning of this article. What makes Dirac special - in a word, well two words - time - domain correction."

audioXpress November 2016


I love what DL does to vocals, sharp, almost hard, but with no pain. Cymbals are gorgeous. Bass is even, perfection. I sounds like the mixing and mastering were all redone by Dirac Live, every part sounds perfected."

Wayne Myers, Home Theater Shack forums

"The improvements brought about by Dirac Live were impressive: bass reproduction elevated to a level I had never heard before in my room; dialog intelligibility improved, as did the consistency of timbre across my loudspeaker array. I never felt the urge to disengage Dirac Live."

– John Johnson, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity


"I always wondered what my system would sound like in a room optimized for acoustics. Unfortunately I can not make my living room look like a studio. Instead I downloaded the trial version and tried it out. After two weeks it was hard to live without the room correction program from Dirac, the sound was more organic and natural to my ears. It is a lot of money but still worth every penny.

Kareem Shawwaf, end-user, Sweden


"I was completely amazed by the difference that Dirac made to my new studio. My speakers are great but have several acoustic issues in my new studio resulting in the mixes not translating as expected, it was a friend who recommended I try Dirac. Now everything sounds just right!... significantly more accurate across the whole frequency range plus the imaging is incredible"

Ian Wallman, record producer (Ivor Novello nominated), UK


"The proof of all this pudding was in the listening, and it was delicious."

– Kalman Rubinson, Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile


"What put Dirac Live over the top for me was listening to Devin Townsend's Ki album. A long time fan of his music, I have often felt that his heavier track mixes could be a little too dense for their own good at times, bordering on sonically indecipherable at others. What Dirac Live had done was like going through the sonic landscape with a fine-toothed comb, sharpening and separating all of the images and teasing out into the open minute details that rarely saw the light of day. My opinion of Devin Townsend's mixes was transformed from thinking them overcrowded to admiring them as gorgeous complex soundscapes begging to be delivered by the right listening environment, somewhat intolerant of a typical speaker setup."

Wayne Myers, Home Theater Shack forums


Letter to the King was my 10th feature film as a sound designer, my first with Dirac Live as wingman and I don’t think I will ever do a film without that filter turned on.

Carl Svensson, Sound designer and mixer for the film, Letter to the king, Dragon Award Best Nordic Film in 2014


“The improved clarity available by adding Dirac Live® to our Theta Digital Casablanca III HD preamp/processor and other models is jaw-dropping.“

– Morris Kessler, president of Amplifier Technologies


I'm extremely excited with the immediate and obvious improvements Dirac Live brought to my system.

– Frank Berryman, Ultra High-End Audio and Home Theater Review.


"In fact, there wasn't an aspect of the musical of reproduction that was not affected by the DSP; whereas the beauty is that it can be tailored to your specific preferences, with your speakers, in your room."

John Brazier, Positive Feedback


"The closest I've ever been to being in a concert hall."

Bill Gaw, Enjoy the Music


"I have worked with Audyssey, Dirac, TACT, DSPeaker, DEQX and am presently looking at Bohmer. Thus far, my favorite is Dirac with TACT running second."

Gene DellaSala, Audioholics

Arguably the best sonic demo was laid on by Arcam (pictured below). It used its AV850 Atmos AV receiver to demonstrate the power of Dirac Live room correction, to stunning effect. Hotel rooms rarely sound good, but Dirac processing did a brilliant job disguising Arcam’s suite.

Steve May, Inside CI