Dirac Unison® uses our most advanced signal processing methods to move beyond the traditional understanding of digital room correction. With Dirac Unison, the loudspeakers and listening space are treated as a cohesive unit, rather than as individual elements that interfere with one another. This innovative solution enables speakers within a system to work together to optimally reproduce each input channel
– something that was previously impossible. 



Coordinate rather than interfere


Based on ideas from the fields of active noise control, sound field synthesis and room correction, Dirac Unison® uses precise measurements to create an active acoustic treatment of the listening space. Expanding on Dirac Live, Dirac Unison® not only optimizes each speaker’s individual impulse and frequency response, it actually co-optimizes the impulse and frequency responses of all speakers within the entire sound system.

This unique approach enables new degrees of precision while minimizing in-seat and between-seat sound quality variations.

Dirac Unison also features a completely new kind of bass management that automatically adapts to the room and speakers. By co-optimizing up to a certain frequency, sound systems can deliver a bass response that is more unified and tighter than previously thought possible in a car.

acoustic room treatment
Original Loudspeaker
acoustic room treatment
With Dirac Unison® 14.2 Setup
(No ringing, tight bass, clarity)

Loudspeakers perform in perfect harmony


By co-optimizing all speakers, Dirac Unison® makes it possible to change room reflections, impulse responses and modal patterns in ways that can only in theory be matched by an ideal passive room treatment installation. Subwoofers are automatically configured to blend seamlessly into the system without exciting additional room modes, and adding extra speakers has never been easier. Altogether, the result is a set of loudspeakers that perform in perfect harmony. 


For high performance automotive audio


The Dirac Unison® technology was designed for customers who want to be on the absolute cutting edge of high performance audio, including leading automotive and high performance audio manufacturers whose customers expect the best possible listening experience. 

The first commercial application of Dirac Unison ®  is in the B&W premium audio system for the brand new Volvo XC90.  Learn more

The first commercial application of Dirac Unison® is in the B&W premium audio system for the brand new Volvo XC90. Learn more


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