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Video review of brand new devices from ARCAM

April 6, 2022

ARCAM recently released the new AVR11, AVR21, AVR31 and AVR41 devices – all with Dirac Live included. Audio Advice, a renowned reviewer with over four decades of experience in high-performance audio and home theater, has now made an in-depth video review of the new AVR-models praising both the devices and the Dirac features.

“At audio advice we are huge fans of properly done room correction. Dirac, in my opinion, is one of the best ones out there and all of these models give you the latest Dirac Live software.”

“Dirac has just introduced what is called Dirac Live Bass Control, which does even more to blend multiple subwoofers with your speakers. There are only a few home theater receivers on the market that can even employ this advanced version of Dirac and if you want to use it any of the ARCAMs will handle it, but it is an additional purchase from Dirac “

Audio Advice also highlights Dirac’s ease of use, a benefit both for the experienced and inexperienced user.

“Dirac has gotten very easy to use ever for a novice and the results in most rooms are just stunning.”

The in-depth video review further points out the many benefits of Dirac Room Correction.

“When you take your Dirac measurements using the microphone you can focus the measurements on just one chair, a couple of chairs or your entire room. Then the room correction will be based on making it ideal for those seating positions. With the ARCAM units you can then load three different Dirac correction curves into the unit, even going so far as to assign them to an input. This way you can easily pull up the one that best suits your listening use case at that time, that’s just super cool.”

See the full review below.