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Video review of Dynaudio’s Focus 10

November 16, 2022

The well known professional tech journalist and youtuber Hans Beekhuyzen has reviewed Dynaudio’s Focus 10 active streaming speakers with Dirac Live—and the sound quality surprised him.

“After measuring and setting Dirac Live for the studio on the 3rd floor the first thing that surprised me was the absence of DSP distortion. Most active speakers in this price category offer from some time smearing influencing micro dynamics and transients, especially in the lower mids. But the Focus 10s sound remarkably open, which is partly the result of Dirac, and powerful.”

Hans Beekhuyzen also mentioned that the lows were impressive but not in a DSP boosted way as often is the case. 

“The stereo image was better than can be expected in this price category as is the focusing. These are very fine sounding loudspeakers that sound larger than they are.”

Watch the full review here