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Video review of ROTEL RAP-1580 MKII

August 18, 2022

YouTuber Shane Lee creates videos with really interesting in depth discussions and reviews about audio and video in home theater. Recently he published a review of Rotel’s Surround Amplified Processor RAP-1580 MKII, which is equipped with Dirac Live Room Correction. Overall he is very satisfied with the performance of the RAP-1580 MKII.

“First demo I popped on was Tron: Legacy on Blu-ray. It’s bass heavy with a lot of surround sound movement. Watching this movie on 1580 MKII was like watching it again for the first time. The Martin Logan SLM speakers don’t produce much meaningful bass, so the subwoofer integration is incredibly important.”

With Dirac’s patented algorithm to digitally reduce the room  impacts and enhance the accuracy of sound reproduction, the 1580 MKII delivers a high-quality sound experience.

“As good as it sounded in my living room it’s even better with more speakers, since this movie relies on subtle ambiance. I found the ROTEL to deliver all the tiny effects in ultra-high realism. It’ll make it seem like your walls have disappeared.”

Watch the full video above.