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Video review of the Integra DRX 3.4 receiver

March 2, 2022

Andrew Robinson is a journalist and reviewer covering audio and home theater. In his latest video review, he explores the Integra DRX 3.4 receiver which has a built-in Dirac Live feature. And he’s not shy about showing what he thinks of Dirac.

“And just like the Onkyo RZ50 and Pioneer 305 we have already reviewed, the Integra has Dirac Live built-in. I love Dirac. I think it’s among the best room correction solutions on the market right now, and its implementation here is flawless.”

Robinson highlights how the sound is tighter, more intelligible, and with better sound stage definition when using Dirac. But he also adds:

“Do you need to use it? No. But the results pre and post-calibration are typically pretty dramatic, so I wouldn’t skip it.”