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sonoro MAESTRO Quantum

Your sonoro device comes with Dirac Live Room Correction Limited Bandwidth installed, giving you the ability to address the most common acoustic problems your listening room might have. However, to truly enjoy the full quality of your new receiver, we recommend you to invest in Dirac Live Room Correction Full Bandwidth.

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Available Licenses

Dirac Live
Room Correction Full Bandwidth


  • Corrects full frequency range (20Hz-20kHz) response
  • Improves impulse response (timing), which no other room correction system can
  • Editable target curve and multiple playback modes with graphical guidance

Why Full Bandwidth?

With Dirac Live Full Bandwidth, you’ll unlock room correction for the entire frequency range.

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Please note that measurement microphone is not included in the software purchase.

System Requirements

Dirac Live® requires a Windows or macOS computer with the following minimum specification:

  • Windows

    • Microsoft Windows 10

    • Intel i3 or equivalent

    • 2GB RAM

  • macOS

    • macOS 10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, or newer

    • Intel i3 or equivalent

    • 2GB RAM