Car cabins are largely considered one of the most challenging acoustic environments in the world for sound optimization. The less-than-ideal positioning of loudspeakers leads to an extraordinarily poor impulse response from each speaker and dissimilar impulse responses from different speakers. All these contribute to imprecise and unstable stereo imaging, lack of distinctness, boomy and uneven bass, varying performance across seats and problems with frequency response. These problems become even more complex when more speakers are added to the vehicle.

Dirac Live® is a state-of-the-art digital room correction technology that targets the key quality problems that automotive audio suppliers face by optimizing the impulse responses and magnitude frequency responses of the sound system for a pristine, natural sound.



Impulse response correction

As the most advanced room correction technology on the market, Dirac Live can optimize both the impulse response and stationary frequency response of the sound system in a room. The impulse response of a sound system affects clarity, detail and all spatial aspects of the sound.


Dirac Live is unique in that it actually improves the impulse response throughout the listening area, not just at a single point. Typically, the power ratio between the direct wave and the tail is improved by 6 dB or more, representing a vastly improved overall sound. 


Frequency response correction

Why is it that the same frequency response can sound so different from room to room? To a large extent, the answer lies in the time-domain aspects of the measured frequency response, as well as critical differences in the spatial (angular) domain. 


By addressing time-domain problems as such, and not as minimum-phase spectral problems, frequency response correction becomes more effective. After having performed the time-domain correction, we treat the room’s spectral coloration, paying particular attention to the variations across different measurement positions as to never overcompensate.


A tool box that empowers audio engineers


Tuning is time consuming, and professionals often simply don’t have time to properly tune the car. Dirac Live empowers audio engineers with a proper toolbox to reach better results faster. 


Project managers that have used Dirac Live in premium sound systems testify that the results, in terms of improvements in both process speed as well as sound quality, are unprecedented.

Time saving, quality assuring, cost effective


Dirac Live is a complete software-based working methodology tailored for acoustic tuning of automotive sound systems, and is a real time-saver and a quality assurance boon for sound engineers. The technology is implemented in the amplifier or 

the head unit, where a proprietary high-resolution structure minimizes MIPS and memory usage. And no matter what your project goals are, our engineers and scientists will work closely together with you to ensure that you reach your objectives.

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